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Most Affordable Photo Booth

  • We offer the most affordable photo booth rental price in the whole bay area guaranteed for the things you get!
  • Lowest Price Guaranteed or We will MATCH or BEAT the price!
  • Just send us thru mail, email or text us the copy of the link or photo of the much lower price photo booth rental that offers the exact products and services we offer BEFORE you book us and We will MEET or BEAT the price!
  • We are willing to negotiate according to your budget and to customize the package according to your event’s need.


Unlimited Photo Booth Session

  • You and Your guests can take as much photos as you want. You can come back as many times as you want. You can take a picture with your family, with friends, with co-workers and with everybody.


Customized Layout, Size and Orientation

  • You can choose the layout and how many pictures you want in the photo booth picture design.
  • It can be one big shot in the picture or 2 shots, 3 shots or 4 shots
  • You can choose the size that you want for the photo booth picture.
  • It can be 6×2 strip, 4×6 prints or 5×7 prints.
  • You can choose the orientation of the photo picture and it can be landscape, portrait, sideways, slant or however you want it.


Unlimited Glossy Prints

  • Glossy color copies are the pinnacles of quality in printing. Glossy color copies have the ability to show off visuals in high resolution. The fact that it is a color copy allows the picture to resemble that of which is closer to its real life image. It is also described to be smooth, lustrous, and shiny.


Ultra High Resolution Prints

  • In simple terms, high resolution means that something is produced at a very high level of detail.
  • You can make your photo booth picture images in a larger print without sacrificing quality.


Photos print fast and quick

  • The printer that we are using right now is one of the fastest printers in the market. It prints in approximately 12 seconds, its small and its light weight so you will be assure that your guests will get their picture instantly so the other guests in the picture will also get their own copy picture right away. It guarantees speed, quality and reliability.


Fun, Professional, Punctual and Friendly On-site attendants

  • We guarantee that you will have a fun photo booth hosts that will proactively engage with your guests to utilize the photo booth and assist them to ensure that they are having the best time in your event.


Personalized (event-graphics on photo, colors, event-date, name & etc)

  • We graphic design your photo booth according to your preference, your name, event date, event theme and event color motif.
  • We make sure that your photo booth graphic design is unique, one of a kind and suits your taste.


Very Spacious

  • The advantage of photography studio booth is that you are assured that you will have a lot of spaces to have a picture together with everybody and you do not have to wrinkle your pretty dresses, to squat or to squeeze around.


Wide Variety of Fabric Background colors

  • We offer different colors and patterns that you could choose from to personalize and match your event at no extra cost. And if you do not see the color or pattern that you like we will do all the reasonable efforts to get the color and pattern of the fabric that you like.


Personalized Backdrop

  • If you want to customize your background to add some logos, we can graphic design for you at no cost and you just have to pay a little fee for the printing of the personalized backdrop.


Best quality Prints

  • With the high resolution megapixels, high quality glossy paper, high quality printer and professional studio lighting you are guaranteed that you will have the best quality image prints that will last you for a thousand years.


Wide Selection of Unique & Hygienic Props

  • We bring a wide array of funny, wacky and unique props that you and your guests will surely love. It will make you want to pose for more photo shoots using the different humorous props over and over because it is very entertaining. You are also guaranteed that our props are clean and well selected. You also have the option to personalize the props and order the reasonable props you prefer.


DVD of all photos taken in high resolution

  • We know how exited you are to take a look at the most memorable and priceless wacky moments of your guests.  You do not have to wait weeks to get it. We will give you the copy of all the raw and with the graphic design of all the photos taken in your event RIGHT AWAY. Which means you should have the DVD while we are packing up.


Facebook Upload

  • We know how tiring it is the day after your event and we also know how exited you and your guests to see and talk about the photos in your event so even if you have your own copy.  While your sleeping and resting we will do the job for you in uploading your photos on Facebook so when you and your guests wake up you are just ready to chitchat and reminisce how memorable your event was.


Delivery, Complete Setup and Complete Removal at NO Cost

  • We understand that some companies charges some fees to deliver, set up and remove everything.
  • But with SappySnaps Photo Booth we know that having a party is very costly so we want to help you save some money by not charging you any fee for all those other labor of love that we are doing for you.


Up to 40 miles radius travel

  • It is our passion to delivery the happiness in your event; so depending on your package we have waived some of the cost of gasoline and mileage to add more savings to you.  And if you are a little bit farther we just added a very small amount of fee to cover the expenses of the gasoline and mileage but if you are still way farther, please contact us and we are willing to work things out with you to make it very affordable for you.



  • You are guaranteed that our team will be arriving with punctuality and preparedness to “break a leg” in your event. You are also assured that you can rely on us in hosting the most friendly and entertaining photo shoots. Although it is very less likely to happen, you are secured that we bring “extra things” for everything in the event of any unwanted malfunctions. Most of all you can rely on us in saving some money but at the same time getting the most valuable services and experience.


Dedicated Customer Service

  • It is our top priority to provide you with an excellent customer service experience. We understand that having an event cost a lot of time and money so we will make sure that every encounter that you have with us will always be pleasurable and worthwhile experience. You are guaranteed with straightforwardness, transparency, flexibility and compassionate service. We always make sure that we put our shoes in your shoes to better understand your needs and wants.


Our company is fully secured

  • Although not all, many venues request and require that the vendor to be fully insured to protect everyone that is involve in the event including but not limited to the client and the venue that they have selected. SappySnaps Photo Booth is insured up to $1,000,000.00 and will going to be gladly to provide your reception that needs a copy of the the certificate of our insurance.

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